Our Vision

Our vision is to offer language services to people near and far.  From people who live in the Czech Republic to people who join us from other areas of the world, we want to help you.  We want to help you to be confident when you communicate.  We want to give you unique ways to learn and use language.  Communication is so much more than being able to produce grammatically perfect sentences using advanced vocabulary.  Communication is about connecting.  Connecting your mind with the mind of your friend, your colleague, your family member.  Connecting your minds and sharing your ideas, and truly understanding each other.  Helping you to do that is our vision.

Our Director

Our director grew up in Canada, near Vancouver.  She also lived in Manitoba, Canada for 7 years.  As a child she had strong interests in both health and language, and has careers in both fields.  She has a bachelor degree in kinesiology and is a certified health coach.  Her master degree is in education, with the focus on TESOL.  Before obtaining her master degree she began her language-related career with a TEFL certificate, which she studied and received in Prague.

Her desire to live in Prague comes from her family history.  As children, her Czechoslovakian grandparents moved to Canada to begin new lives with their families.  When she was 5 or 6 years old she remembers her great-grandmother only speaking to her in her native language.  What a surprise it was when her mother translated for her!  Her mother’s first language was not English?!

Growing up in Canada often means learning only one language in the home, and possibly studying another at school.  Our director chose to enter a French Immersion program at 11 years of age.  Rather than study the normal subjects that 6th graders do, she began learning all the basics of French: greetings, basic vocabulary, days of the week, months of the year, and so on.  Currently she is studying Czech with a private tutor.

Her career in teaching English began in the summer of 2004.  She lived and worked in Prague until the winter of 2005.  After Prague she moved to South Korea.  She taught at an English Village located near the DMZ for one year, and then began working at a university in Chungnam Province.  She spent 7 years at that university before moving closer to Seoul to work for a larger university.

It has been her dream for many years to move to the Czech Republic again and open her own school.  She believes that education should be fun, stimulating and interesting for the learners.  Many former students from South Korea have praised her for her passion.  Many said that they hated learning English before taking her class, but because of her interest in the students, and her efforts at making the class a fun and safe place to learn, their minds and attitudes changed!

Our Experience

July 2004 – present

  • Czech Republic
    • Business English: ČEZ, Česká spořitelna, Staropramen, Coca Cola, Czech Technical University
    • General English: Adults and youth, one-to-one and small group
  • South Korea
    • English Village: youth program, program coordination, curriculum development
    • University: communication classes, curriculum development
    • Master degree: program coordinator