Welcome Summer 2015 Students!

Welcome to Prague!

Welcome, Students!  We are so excited to have you as our guests.  We have got a great program planned for you.  The learning is reinforced with fun and adventure.  You will create wonderful memories during your time with us, and create friendships that will stand the test of time!

We hope that our unique program opens your heart and mind by experiencing the Czech Republic and Central Europe in a way that goes far beyond the experiences of just visiting as a tourist.  We want to give you a way to experience the history, the magic and the romance of this part of Europe that you cannot get through regular tourist activities.  Providing this program in English opens doors for students from non-English speaking countries.  There simply are not any other programs offered for international students like ours!

From Check Out Czech, and all of our partners:  Welcome to The Heart of Europe!!

Elana Rodgers, BKin, MEd/TESOL
Director, Check Out Czech.

Locals’ Insights- Lucie K

Lucie Kutálková

What do you recommend for foreigners visiting Prague?

To definitely visit:

  • Prague ZOO and Botanic garden in Troja – Prague ZOO is one of the best in the world and is definitely worth seeing
  • Prague city centre – in short: everything in the centre, to embrace the history, architecture, atmosphere, magical corners with gardens, small pubs
  • Petřín hill and observatory – place for walking, having a picnic
  • Malá Strana – nice pubs and cafes
  • Boats on Vltava River – to rent one and sail on the river
  • Vyšehrad – great view, green places to relax, have picnic

To try typical Czech meals and drinks:

  • “svíčková s houskovým knedlíkem” – vegetable cream sauce, beef, dumplings
  • “guláš s houskovým knedlíkem” – goulash, beef, dumplings
  • “vepřo, knedlo, zelo” – roasted pork, potato dumplings, cabbage

-these are the most typical meals that every tourist should try, they are quite heavy, however go well with a beer

  • Czech beer – Plzeň, Velkopopovický Kozel – the best in my opinion
  • Visit small breweries in Prague – U Fleků, U Medvídků (in the city centre – near Národní Třída) – they have their own kinds of beer – very tasteful
  • Famous desserts: apple strudel, buns with rum-pudding sauce, cream puff, …

Other nice places for tourists:

  • Aquapalace in Čestlice – new aquapark, lots of pools, saunas
  • Brewery outside Prague – Velké Popovice (20 km from Prague)

Do you have any favourite places to recommend?

  • The night view of the river – it is dark and magical
  • Náplavka food/farmers market – next to Vltava river (from Palackého náměstí to Výtoň)
  • in-line skating: Stromovka park, trip from Dvorce to Břeclav, Ladronka park
  • Bars: Nebe (Václavské náměstí, Křemencova, Celnice) – cheap cocktails until 9 pm (only for 59,- Kč)
  • Restaurants: Atmosphere, Jáma Pub, Ambiente, Bruxx, Vinohradský Parlament, Potrefená Husa, Kozlovna, U Fleků, Louvre

What are Czech people like?

  • Have a unique kind of humour – very sarcastic and ironic, are not afraid to make fun of themselves
  • Quite reserved, not very friendly for the first time, gloomy, not smile in public transportation – which is often strange to foreigners
  • Need more time to become friends – then this friendship holds forever
  • Are accepting towards all people
  • They work a lot, are determined, want to achieve something in their life
  • Are creative, set up their own business quite often (at least it was very trendy after the revolution in 1989, today it is more difficult for entrepreneurs to survive in the market)
  • Are one of the least religious nations in the world (less than 20 % of citizens admit religious beliefs)
  • Beer drinkers – never question the quality of the Czech beer
  • Are proud of their beer, cultural heritage (not history – think that they cannot defend themselves, are just a small nation with no real power or influence towards the world politics, need to have a strong leader in the government – usually vote personalities – then are often disappointed and blame the government)
  • Often complain about something (weather, politics), don´t want to admit their fault or contribution to problems
  • However, these are just stereotypes and prejudices, no true for everyone, this is just something that people often say about Czechs

What are good memories from growing up in Prague/Czech?

  • Food – excellent cuisine, people cook/bake at home very often – try new receipts, share with neighbours, relatives
  • Trips – every weekend people go somewhere (to city centre, nature, visit castles, museums)
  • Culture – concerts, cinemas, pubs, discos – people are active in their free time
  • There is always something going on in Prague – opportunities to have fun, do sports
  • People visit their friends in their homes quite often, make turns, it is appropriate to bring gifts for hosts (wine, small refreshment, flowers, chocolate)
  • Friends – Prague is small so you can always meet somebody who you know
  • Weekend houses – outside Prague, in the nature, gardening, picking up mushrooms, hiking
  • Czech are fond of traditions – Christmas, Easter, All Saint´s Night, 1st May – day of love, work, 8th March – Women´s day – men bring flowers to all women in the family

Summer 2015 Language Adventure Study Tour


Dear Students,

I am very pleased to be working with Check Out Czech to offer you the unique opportunity to study in Prague!

My name is Jan Koura and I work as a lecturer at the Institute of World History, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. I specialize in modern world history and my main research interests include Cold War history, Central and Eastern European history after World War II and Euro-Atlantic relations in the 20th century. In the years 2010 and 2014 I was a Visiting Fellow at the University of St. Andrews in Great Britain and I spent the winter semester of academic year 2014–2015 as a Fulbright-Masaryk Visiting Fellow at George Washington University, Elliott School of International Affairs, in the United States.

I will be more than happy to welcome you in Prague and talk together not only about the history of my country and Europe, but your countries too!

See you soon!

Jan Koura