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Our director was born and raised in Canada.  Her love of adventure resulted in an international life.  She has worked in Europe and Asia.  She has travelled extensively.  Her travels include: Europe, Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East.

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Look inside this gallery for the famous sites of Prague, including black and white images, nature, and the beautiful architecture that Prague is famous for.

Prague is known as The Golden City and The City of a Thousand Spires.  The city’s buildings are beautiful.  The view of the castle from the river is stunning.  The many churches with their spires gives Prague a gorgeous skyline.  It is one of the world’s most breathtaking cities!

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is known as The Heart of Europe.  Many people who visit the Czech Republic only visit Prague, and perhaps a nearby town or two.  There are so many other fabulous places to visit, and things to experience!  We have several photo galleries to give you a taste of what the Czech Republic has to offer.

Do you like castles?  The Czech Republic has thousands – more per person than any other country!