Lucie K.

“I have known Elana for more than 10 years. When I was 13 years old, my parents decided to enrol me at a language school because of the poor English education at my elementary school. I remember it as it was today how nervous and scared I felt. I was insecure to communicate in English with a total stranger and on the top of that with a native speaker. However, I wanted to improve my English skills, so I agreed and gritted my teeth. Elana was my first native English teacher and soon I realized that I had nothing to be scared of. Elana was so friendly and kind. She managed to teach and explain grammar, vocabulary and other stuff in a very funny and interactive way. It was nothing like as I was used to do at my elementary school, where we were just mugging up grammar from a textbook. I was always looking forward to the next lessons with Elana and soon English became my hobby, not a duty. I will always remember Elana as a person who made me like learning English, and for that I am really grateful. She has always had a unique attitude that I have never experienced since then. She wanted to meet outside the lessons, meet my parents and learn as much as she could about life of people in Prague. I am really happy that after all these years, whenever she comes to Prague, she lets me know and wants meet for a beer or two. Elana influenced my attitude to foreigners and learning foreign languages. Thank you for that!” ~ Lucie K.