Dr. Anne Hilty.

“Elana Rodgers is a talented English instructor whose career I’ve followed closely since 2006. She also has excellent managerial skills, and her latest venture, Check Out Czech study-tour program, is simply brilliant! (Wouldn’t everyone want a summer English study program combined with Czech cultural experience, in the romantic setting of Prague?) Her additional background in kinesiology, nutrition, and health coaching provide her with a unique dual career in both language instruction and health care, with top skills in both!”
~Dr. Anne Hilty, Director, EastWest Psyche ltd, Hong Kong

“I first met Elana at the beginning of her English teaching journey, and have had the pleasure of maintaining contact with her for over 10 years.   During this time, her development as a teacher has strengthened and flourished, and her professionalism has never waivered.  She is someone I whole-heartedly trust with professional matters including making arrangements and confirming plans.  Her newest endeavor, Check Out Czech, is a manifestation of all that Elana is passionate about: teaching, travel, language, and all things Czech.  I am confident that the students who participate in these summer sessions will only benefit from Elana’s organization, thoroughness and tendency to have a lot of fun!”

Morgan Hosek

M.Ed, Northern Arizona University

TEFL certified